SPHERE  THE FREEHOLDS  KWAK  COUSIN KENS NEPHEWS  3 of these bands will be new to some folk but i suggest you go and listen to them on youtube or wherever and you will be pleasantly surprised how good they are.May not be to everyones taste but still good.Hopefully after checking them out you wll want to see them live at the gig.Tickets are to be confirmed but they will be £5 either advance tickets or paying at the door on the night.The idea i am looking at is that anyone who goes to this gig will be able to buy tickets for just £5 for the STYX GIG on SUNDAY AUGUST 27th and you can get these at the duchess on the night.Still to be confirmed but thats the idea. 

SUNDAY AUGUST 27TH at STYX,KIRKCALDY...........  JOE`S BAND  VERTICAL LIPS  BAD BOOGALOO  BAD PATTER  STATE OF EMERGENCY  PROJECT 6  THE BLIND LIGHTS  AUDIOJUNKIE  STEPH  SHARLES WOOD + ALBO  ANDY CHUNG  GAVIN PATRICK  THE MERCENARY FIDDLER DUO [elsa jean mactaggart + gary lister]  Some great acts and all for £10 either advanced tickets or pay at the door.The good causes which are more or less confirmed are MYELOMA UK,KIRKCALDY RUGBY S1/S2,KIRKCALDY FOODBANK and of course the mighty RAITH ROVERS F.C.If i make more money than i think we are going to them another good cause will be added after the gigs are over.Regarding kirkcaldy foodbank i hope to have a collection point organised on the day of the styx gig so that anyone coming along can make a donation.You all know how the foodbank collection works as we do it at starks on an occasional match day.It will maybe be from 2 - 4pm or something like that but all will be confirmed in good time.It really is a fantastic day and i hope have some special guests along and raith colours are always welcome at both gigs.All details will be confirmed at end of june.

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